Manufacturing Execution System


eZyMES is a web/mobile based Manufacturing Execution System (MES). It is designed to improve manufacturing productivity, quality and compliance by giving operators, supervisors and every plant managers visibility from the shop floor to the top floor.

eZyMES integrates Work In Progress (WIP), Equipment Management and Inventory Management in one platform. With customization, eZyMES can easily fill up the WIP Management gap in Manufacturing Planning System (MRP/ERP). Hence achieving Higher Production Efficiency.

Explore your benefits:-

  • Reduce Cost
  • Improve quality and reduce cost error
  • Reduce Inventory and scrap cost
  • Reduce WIP Time
  • Increase Revenues
  • Improve production yield
  • Expand product margin and revenues
  • Reduce Liability
  • Track defects location and causes
  • Limit liability to production errors